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The 5-Step Plan to Restore Your Full, Vibrant Health! Fight off diabetes  ?  Control sugar spikes Lower your blood sugar 40 percent and more!

Discover...the secrets of a pharmacist and natural healing expert, Suzy Cohen, R.Ph., who believes the cure is in your kitchen and on your plate!

Yes, she believes there is a cure for diabetes, at least type 2, the most common kind. And there is even hope for type 1!

Put the power of her "prescriptions" to work for you — get to the root of your problem — not just the symptoms — and reverse the ongoing damage of diabetes! Try it FREE and see for yourself!

Control sugar spikes and enjoy pasta Learn how you can...
Lower your blood sugar 40 percent...
with a plant on your window sill!

Fight off diabetes...with a vitamin!

Regenerate your own natural insulin supply!

Control sugar spikes...with vinegar!

Block and reverse complications like
nerve pain with simple supplements!

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Lower blood sugar with a Smoothie

Yes, this Chocolate Mint Smoothie actually lowers blood sugar! Dark chocolate itself helps lower sugars, but this delicious creation has a "secret" ingredient that's even more powerful!

Suzy Cohen says this treat is loaded with health-promoting ingredients! Try her luscious diabetes fighter at home!

If you have diabetes, you are twice as likely to develop cataracts and are also more susceptible to glaucoma.

Isn't it great to know you can protect against all this with smarter nutrition? Just one example: Red leaf lettuce and certain other veggies are rich in a compound called lutein, which has been shown to reduce the need for cataract surgery!

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Relieve Diabetic Nerve Pain with a simple vitamin
And get three times more relief than from a drug! That's what medical researchers found in treating people with diabetic neuropathy (nerve pain). Giving them either a standard drug or an inexpensive B vitamin, they reported that patients experienced far more relief with the vitamin! Healing details in Diabetes Without Drugs!
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